Testimonials ForLiz

We have known Liz for several years

We have known Liz for several years. We happened upon each other at an open house. Liz has been working with us ever since trying to fine just the right home for us. Any time Liz thought she saw something we might be interested in, she would call or e-mail and be more that happy to show it to us. We had lots of dry runs, but Liz never gave up. We finally found a house in January that was just what we had been looking for. Liz was right there to show it to us and help us through the contract process and closing process. She has been a great agent and become a good friend. She was never pushy and never became discouraged with us for not finding a house (and we were rather picky.) We have moved and are in the process of selling our previous home. Liz is the agent who will list our home and we know she will do a great job for us.